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Note - These photos are straight from the camera without any color correction. Ordered prints will be corrected then processed.

(Must still meet $25 minimum or wait until I can combine orders to meet lab minimum. Use order form)

Metallic Sports Composites

8x10 -- $35 add $15 for matboard

11x14 -- $56 add $22 for matboard

16x20 -- $93 add $32 for matboard

See order form or pricing page for regular print pricing

Sample composite


Volleyball vs Mt. Olive 8-23-16

Volleyball vs CHA 9-20-16

Volleyball vs Philidelphia 9-26-16

Volleyball vs Pontchartrain 10-6-16

Volleyball vs Many 10-17-16

Volleyball vs (JV) Mt Olive (Varsity) Homeschool Alexandria - Plus Senior Night



Cross Country Meet 11-5-16

Homecoming Day

Basketball vs Union 11-11-16

Basketball vs Philadelphia 11-14-16

Basketball vs Brighton 11-18-16

Basketball vs Grand Cane 12-5-16

Basketball vs NEBS 12-6-16

Basketball vs CHA 12-12-16

Basketball vs Shreveport Homeschool 1-17-17

Elementary Basketball vs CHA 1-26-17

Basketball vs Assembly plus Senior Night 1-27-17

Regional Track Meet 4-22-17

Athletic Banquet 4-27-17

Graduation 5-11-17

State Track and General Shots

Lower Graduation